Fête du Livre de Gonfaron

The Tennis and Paddle Club of Mont Coffin in Nouméa, New Caledonia (TCMC), was founded in 1886. More recently, TCMC has expanded its offerings, adding four paddle tennis courts and a 5-a-side soccer field to its existing six tennis courts, along with a commitment to establishing a digital presence. With the assistance of The Golden Noise, TCMC has implemented the creation of a new, dynamic, and versatile sports visual identity. This includes the comprehensive development of a graphic charter and positioning on social networks.

Tennis Club du Mont Coffin

Sayam Care is a brand that specializes in natural wellness products inspired by traditional Thai remedies. They offer a range of items such as balms, oils, and gels made with natural ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus, and aloe vera. The brand emphasizes the use of traditional Thai techniques and natural components to promote relaxation and address common ailments like muscle pain and skin care. Our agency is proud to have been the driving force behind the entire branding. From the initial concept to the final execution, we have meticulously crafted every aspect of Sayam Care's distinctive packaging, which perfectly encapsulates the brand's essence of combining traditional Thai wellness with a modern, elegant aesthetic. Our holistic approach ensured that every element, from the logo to the website design, aligns seamlessly to create a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.


Pop Bakery & Patisserie is a new and rapidly growing bakery chain. Putting the craftsmanship of raw materials at the heart of their production process, Pop Bakery offers a wide range of original and boldly flavored traditional bread. The Pop chain aims to establish itself in the food industry by advocating for authentic expertise, combining bakery, pastry, and sandwichs.


Overlord is a ready-to-wear brand dedicated to creating clothing solely based on upcycling. This ethical and conscientious brand strives to combine fashion, style, and eco-responsible practices.


The company Neva is a nascent enterprise specializing in the sale of residences made from converted containers. Neva offers a new style of housing that is adaptable for everyday living, vacations, or even workspaces. Based in New Caledonia, Neva Container, through its original and innovative housing approach, aims to establish a strong presence in the real estate sector.


Gondwana is a high-end gallery and boutique specializing in African art in Marseille. This gallery is specified to exclusively work with unique pieces and/or African antiques. During their launch, Gondwana sought the services of The Golden Noise to establish their visual identity. Their goal is to convey through their brand image that the gallery comes to life through authenticity and cultural exploration.


INTEAM Garage designs customized luxury garages, transforming these spaces into elegant living areas centered around collector cars.


In 2018, New Caledonia's oldest computer and electronics repair shop was transformed into a state-of-the-art concept store.

Repar Media Store

How James Cook International School created a trendy café store on its premises.

Time's Up

Design of the visual posters and program for the Parade{s} Mozart show.

Festival d'Aix

Creation of the invitation card and signage for the Caisse d'Epargne High-mmo evening.

Caisse d'Epargne

Complete overhaul of visual identity, creation of exhibition and website.

Baldassari Architectes

Creation of the identity and dressing of the storefront.

Café Cantine

Creation of the visual identity and all communication tools for the Viagefi investment fund.


Creation of the visual and layout of the program for the Tous à l'opéra event at the Festival d'Aix.

Festival d'Aix

Creation of all communications for events organized by the 6-8 Marseille town hall as part of the MP2013 year of culture.

Mairie de Marseille 6-8

Creation and layout of the book-magazine in two languages for the Enoa European network of opera academies.

Festival d'Aix

Creation of an 8-page brochure for Lumina lighting designers.


Caledonian IT services company IPoP has entrusted Evidence with the complete overhaul of its brand identity.


Print and web design for the Défi Zen incentive campaign for Gaz de France.

GDF Défi Zen

In 2011, the GL Events group, in charge of organizing the major international event in Marseilles, entrusted Evidence with the in-situ dressing and signage.

GL events

How the visual dimension of the business guided the construction of a strong brand identity for an original and innovative gym in Nouméa.

Exercise Kitchen

Creation of identity, CD packaging and posters for singer-songwriter Emilie Marsh.

Emilie Marsh

Creation of the visual identity for management consultancy Consult.

Cabinet Consult

Creation of the communication campaign and of the cobaty convention's branding during the year Marseille, capitale de la culture 2013.


Poster campaign and design for the congress of the national college of French cardiologists

Congrès de Cardiologie

How the launch of a new product range becomes an opportunity for close encounters and exchanges between the brand and its consumers.


Creation and layout of the 68-page program for the Aix Festival.

Festival d'Aix

Design and layout of the 6-language brochure presenting the ENOA European network of opera academies.

Festival d'Aix

Creation of the brochure and website


How New Caledonia's leading drone surveyor redesigned its visual identity and communications media to assert its leadership and values.

AB Concept